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Dear travellers and tourists! is your portal for summer holidays in Europe and the Mediterranean. Tourists find lodgings directly from the owners, information about holiday destinations and sightseeing pictures. All this information is provided by locals from the holiday destinations and approved by an editor. We have created the following services for you:

Accommodation Directory
Our classical directory presents you handpicked lodgings directly from the owner. Here you see hotels, holiday cottages, vacation rentals and other lodgings. This is your source to find the suitable accommodation!

Annual Summer Getaways
This service enables you to view the best available timeshare resale
lodgings in Europe and the Mediterranean. Browse holiday timeshares for sale directly from the owner. This is your destination for prepaid summer holidays.

Sightseeing picture gallery
This is your big picture gallery for holiday- and sightseeing pictures in Europe and the Mediterranean. All the photos are from landlords or travellers and present holiday destinations as they really are.
Dear landlords and owners!

Summer Holidays promotes all types of quality lodgings from Europe and the Mediterranean. On the one hand, we offer you free services, which make your accommodation-website more popular in the internet. On the other hand, you can benefit from innovations, which you only find on our website.

Accommodation Directory
You are welcome to our free directory of holiday accommodations. To ensure the quality of the directory an editor checks every listing. Even for the free entries there are good positions left over. For a reasonable price you can promote your lodging on top positions. This directory is modern and seo-friendly. Every entry enhances the search engine positions of your website and results in more quality visitors for you.

Sightseeing picture gallery
We provide a big picture gallery for holiday- and sightseeing pictures in Europe and the Mediterranean. You are welcome to add your quality sightseeing pictures to this gallery. In return, you can place an exclusive text with a link on the page, where your pictures are presented. If a visitor likes the photos of your region, it is likely that he is interested in your internet site. This link also improves your search engine rankings, because the topic of the page, where your pictures are shown and the topic of your internet site are the same. Furthermore, it is a chance for you to present your region, which is perhaps not so known in Europe.

Web Ring
This free web ring connects websites with contents like accommodation, travel and holidays. After the administrator has approved the information of a new member, it gets better search engine rankings and more quality traffic. One visitor, who comes from the webring, can be better that 100 other visitors. It is a win-win-situation for all web ring members!

Useful resources
We created our useful resources section for respectable websites, which are related to accommodations (not from Europe and the Mediterranean), holidays or travel. We offer long-run reciprocal link exchanges, long descriptions for the links and a topic-related context for your link.
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